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Christine Delory-Momberger is an author photographer, academic, essayist, photographic art critic.

Her research is part of the new conceptions and realizations of contemporary documentary photography. She works on the identity patterns linking various dimensions of the “self”, constructed in their relationship to intimacy, memory, personal and collective history. In her photographic series, poetic writing mingles with images and creates a hybrid creative space.

She writes regularly on photography and she is author of numerous (books, magazines), among which several important interviews books with photographers (Antoine d'Agata, Evelyn Atwood Jane, Klavdij Sluban). She regularly gives lectures on photography in national and international scientific meetings.


Artistic approach

Christine Delory-Momberger carries on a photographic work on the intimate, the memory, the personal and collective history. In this work, she intuitively mixes personal or anonymous photographs, archive images, recent images, and poetic texts. She relentlessly explores the image, photographing and re-photographing, trying to break and cross its rigid surface, to go beyond the flat impenetrability of what is shown, and to touch its buried, or unheard part. New images arise, assemble together and produce an hypothetic self-history. This in-quest becomes a source of knowledge and transformation of oneself and of the world.