exile / reminiscence


exile / reminiscence is a triptych considered as archaeology of self through images,
which brings together personal history and intergenerational family history
in their links with History’s events. Throughout this work, I put myself
in an inner state that let emerge, arouse, face emotions that,
often intense and incisive, come to cross some sensitive space,
by going to the depths of a buried memory.

This work questions the value of family photographs as witnesses,
by trying (in vain) to make images "talk" and to undo their fixity.
In this purpose, I use my camera as a tool of digging
by photographing again and again, and blowing up some parts of the images.
The new images produced belong to a present experience,
an in-quest that causes the emergence of forgotten memories,
unexpected associations, and arrangements with current photographs.

This triptych is made of three parts/chapters

holding out the arms above the abyss

in the breath of the labyrinth

from the dead the living

exile / reminiscence is published by Arnaud Bizalion Éditeur 
in form of a case of three picture books